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My Gear

Sometimes I’m asked about my gear, so here’s a list of what I use for my photography.

While I believe there’s more to creating a great photograph than equipment, my tools without-a-doubt enable me to functionally capture my overall vision.

As technology advances I also get to push my own abilities and the quality of my own work to a higher level each time I go out and shoot. Most of my gear choices are made keeping reliability and quality in mind, and after that it’s about whether the items are designed well, feel good to use, and work smoothly in terms of my shooting style.


Sony A7iii

My latest and main camera. I love it. Impressive image quality, fantastic low-light capabilities, and good dynamic range. I shot on a full-digital Sony-F828 back in 2005, and for many years after, which I also loved. I’m really glad to be back on Sony again - it feels good to be home.

Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART Lens

It’s a heavy beast for a 50mm prime lens, but it’s tack sharp, with quick auto-focus, and almost zero distortion. My new favourite lens. It goes where the camera goes.

Sony 24-240mm Zoom Lens

Fantastic for group shots and busy events. Impressive focal range and a pleasure to use.

Lexar 2000x Memory Cards

These are the fastest cards that pair with my camera, and some of the very best available. Reliable and quick, they’ve never let me down. Can’t recommend them enough.

Peak Design Quick-release Strap

“The most versatile camera strap in the world”. A handy accessory, and beautifully designed.

Peak Design Field Pouch

Field Pouch is an expanding pouch for cords, accessories, batteries, SD cards, hard drives. A also use it to hold my 2nd or spare lens when I travel or shoot without a backpack. Also well designed - I absolutely love this little bag.

3 Legged Thing - Albert Tripod

The best tripod I’ve ever owned. Super sturdy, and also turns into a monopod when you need it. It’s brilliant.

SpiderPro Camera Holster

One useful piece of kit I cannot live without. It’s that awesome.

Lowepro Hatchback 250 Backpack

A definite upgrade when I first purchased it - but I think my needs and equipment have outgrown it, so I’ll need a replacement soon!