Down The Rabbit Hole: Deadline Tours Cape Town


Swapping my previous shoot for a change of scenery and a good dose of live music, I headed off to follow Deadline, normally based in Pretoria, who have been on the road promoting their latest album "Black Wolf City".

Here are a few of my shots from their two days touring the Mother City:

What is Deadline all about?

Other than being the current South African Metal Music Awards 2017 'Best Metal Newcomers', I think this excerpt from their Facebook Page explains who they are better than I ever could; 

"Some say we inspired Zakk Wylde to pick up a guitar, others say we are the reason Lemmy and Nikki Sixx are still alive. Half Black Sabbath, half Megadeth under the auspices of Angus Young, we are here to play Thrash Rock and drink milkshakes.  

We are metal!
We are fire!
We are legacy!
We are energy!
We are power!
We are


First off, the gig at ROAR Live in Observatory. A smallish venue and basic setup, but boy is the sound great! 




Next up, the following day's gig was at The Rabbit Hole in Durbanville, with a noticeable increase in the number of people walking through the door. Local Cape Town-based band Last One Alive was on before the Pretorians, and the hype was palpable and the energy electric! 

With Deadline fans proudly brandishing merchandise bought the night before, everyone was looking good! There were fans that flew down from Pretoria & Joburg, which was not only awesome but also a true reflection of just how much the Deadline following has grown by leaps and bounds.


All in all, and amazing 2 nights out shooting with guys who not only know how to rock & thrash, but are lekker okes too. Thanks to Deadline and their support crew for putting up with my lens in their faces and for having me along for the fun. 

Thanks for reading, 

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