What's in Store For 2019?

2018 was year of massive growth for me and my photography. I literally 10x’d the amount of photos taken. So much so, when I upgraded to a new camera none of the stores would take my old one as a trade-in because the shutter count was too high!

The kind folks at Orms gently mentioned, "We've never seen a Canon 200D this old [read young] with a shutter count this high." ±70k! Okay, so I took a lot pictures last year. Hey, at least the sensor is clean. lol.

Ken Treloar Photography - Styled Best Friends photoshoot Cape Town B2-4.jpg
Ken Treloar Photography - Styled Best Friends photoshoot Cape Town B2-6.jpg
Ken Treloar Photography - Portrait Session-6.jpg

Last year I mixed-up a lot of genre’s and photo-shoot types all into one pot… in what was to become a cornucopia of images. Landscapes, Film photography, and a fair amount of Portraiture too. Some images were okay, some rubbish, some awful, and others I really like (and hope to put into print this year). In any event, I feel I can only get better in 2019, as I navigate the up’s and down’s that come with creative exploration. The year is going to be really busy and my plate is looking might full, but I think I will manage the juggling.

I still have an itch for teaching and leading workshops… and although 2018 did not pan out in that regard, it is still one of my bucket list aspirations in terms of my photographic journey. Apart from a few extra blog posts on photography tips and hacks, I think 2019 will be fairly chilled in terms of the workshops and I don’t plan on marketing any courses or training much - if at all. Perhaps I’ll take a more focused approach come 2020… and maybe not. I will see how things go.

One of my goals for this year is to release a few short videos… I miss putting these together. There was time - around 2004 - 2012 when I made quite a few videos actually. None of them very impressive, but the fact is I enjoyed the process and was fairly satisfied with the end results. Most of the videos were lost when I had a hard-drive crash, so I can’t relive them, but I can create new one’s, and that’s what I am keen on doing in 2019.


Some of my favourite photo-shoots from 2018… might not be the one’s you’d expect, but I thought I would share the short list with you anyway, before I - if I - get around to writing a longer post sometime. I actually still have 5 photo sessions to edit and share with you from 2018, but that will have to come later as I work through my backlog.

In no particular order…


So what’s in Store for 2019?

I’ll be concentrating more and more on my portraiture this year… and I have just been through a massive gear shift to support that drive. New camera, prime lenses, and a changes in my techniques and ways of doing “people” photography. It’s been really fun and challenging, and I think 2019 will be even more so - I’m looking forward to it.

Ken Treloar Photography - Cape Town - fotografo ciudad del cabo familia.jpg

While portraiture will be making up the bulk of my “work” in 2019, my love for natural spaces and the feeling I get being immersed in those places is here to stay. So that being said, I’m really looking forward to shooting more landscapes, particularly woodland and perhaps a few shoreline and bushveld images too. These will make up my “ken-time” shooting. There is no doubt that landscape photography is one of my passions. I’m just going to focus on quality (time spent, and where) over quantity (amount of images or trips) as I move through 2019 and beyond.

2018 has been fun, and rough, brutal, and forgiving all wrapped up into one fuzzy bundle.
So, here’s to a fuzzier 2019 - what will you be up to?

Have awesome one,