A Minimalist Retrospective

A bit of a change to the usual blog post….

As I’ve whole-heartedly thrown myself into enjoying and working on my portraiture more and more, I am (of course) shooting landscapes less and less. It’s simply an opportunity-cost situation. That being said, I’m still able to keep a balance - albeit asymmetrically - and I’m still shooting something different whenever I get the chance. Just this past month I had two of my landscape images featured in the April SPACE Exhibition held in Cape Town, and it was really one of the highlights for me lately in terms of my photography.

As I‘m both pressed for spare time and have also become quite picky in terms of what I’m shooting, I feel it’s easier to scale down a bit (if I can put it that way?) and look at the details more - the details within each landscape - no matter the environment. Less “epicness” and trying to force the moment or chase the weather. It all gets a bit tiresome.

As you can see with the images below, I think I am heading more and more into the zone of the minimalist and an uncluttered, unhindered approach to taking photographs. Less has often been said to be more. And I guess the enjoyment I am finding in silent spaces speaks with volume to me right now where all else can feel a bit much, a bit noisy, and chaotic.

With all that’s going on in each of our lives, it really helps to re-centre ourselves every now and then. Not unlike a good dose of meditation - I’m often drawn to the simple details found within quiet spaces; feeling compelled to take my time in photographing them while mindfully enjoying the moment. And in doing so, finding my own kind of peace.

Lake Black and White Zen Minamilism Silence Quiet Wallpaper by Ken Treloar Photography.jpg
Lake Black and White Zen Minamilism Silence Quiet Wallpaper by Ken Treloar Photography-2.jpg
Lake Black and White Zen Minamilism Silence Quiet Wallpaper by Ken Treloar Photography-3.jpg

You may, or may not, see a few more posts like these thrown in-between my portraiture. Let me know in the comments below about what you think of this idea, or if you feel you can relate (or not).

You can download all these images for free via Unsplash at www.unsplash.com/@kentreloar . These are great for wallpapers, mobile screens, or even a few prints if that’s your thing.

Thanks for being here & have a great week.


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