Landscape Photography - A Kommetjie Sunset

Landscape Seascape Photography - photo by Ken Treloar.jpg

A few Sundays back I decided to take a similar approach to the previous Sunday's sunset mission to Misty Cliffs and Scarborough. I little drive around the Cape Peninsula, topped off with a sunset somewhere along the coast, and all semi-impromptu, and very chilled indeed.

With my tripod, camera, thermos, and tea in hand, my wife and I set out to explore the boardwalk that stretches from Slangkop Lighthouse toward the little harbour, also known as "Die Kom".  Not sure whether sunset was going to be spectacular or mediocre, we decided to chill out on a bench and take in the view and see how things transpired. Looking out towards the horizon we could see some low cloud lying thick and heavy in the distance - often the sign of a sunset killer. Was this going to turn into a shoot, or simply a chill-out session near the Lighthouse? Only time would tell - we had about 50 minutes before sunset. 


The local surfers were having a grand time in the surf in front of us as we waiting and took in the serene views and passer's by. Come to think of it, I haven't taken any photos of surfers really... I think it's because I prefer to watch rather than snap away behind my camera; sort of mesmerised by it all.  So, urging myself on, I pulled out my long lens and captured a few images of the surfers before it got too dark. Honestly, my first real attempt (and slightly half-hearted) at surf-style images, but I like these three images nonetheless. 

A few minutes later, the clouds seemed to lift, or move closer and so enabling me to see the gap between them and the horizon, I'm not really sure, but either way, there was a bit of clear sky now between the cloud base and the horizon. Things were getting exciting! And just as I noticed the conditions changing a small gap opened up in the clouds and a slither of light passed through. Still perched on the bench, keeping warm under a picnic blanket, I pressed the shutter and managed to get the shot before it was all over a few seconds later. 


Now, too excited to stay where I was, I grabbed my kit bag, camera and tripod, and made for the water's edge. "There has to be a few good images to be had tonight", I thought to myself. Time to hunt for a few compositions. 

I must admit it was a bit of a challenge. I hadn't searched for compositions earlier on because the tide was fairly high, and all the rocks and boulders, and where rock pools may well be lurking were all covered - completely underwater. 

Now, with the tide receding, I could start to see a few potential compositions coming to life. Only problem was the sunset was due to be over in a few minutes, and still had not moved into the gap between the cloud and horizon. Still, I persisted, and with a bit of precarious rock-hopping, I landed on a few interesting compositions. Nothing epic, but just... nice. Simple. Clean and peaceful. 

I love this part of landscape photography. The search. The hunt for something visually intriguing. If you're into your landscape photography, you know exactly what I am talking about. It's a creative journey. A euphoric obsession, all mixed with the excitement of being outside; both under pressure by Mother Nature's ebb and flow, and yet calmed by her rhythmical cycle all at the same time. It's really exciting, and it's pure bliss - despite the cold wind nipping at my neck, and the icy water filling my waterlogged shoes.

Kommetjie Sunset, South Africa - photo by Ken Treloar Photography 2018 (Low Res)-7.jpg

Hope you like these images - let me know which are your favourites :)

Have a great day!