Entries - Getaway Gallery Photo Competition


I entered a handful of competitions throughout 2018, and while I was confident I would receive zero accolades for any of my entries, I entered anyway - I explain why in this post - and since 2018 would be a “portfolio building” year more than anything else, I wasn’t surprised when things panned out as predicted. Although, one portrait did make it to the Top25 in the Cape Town leg of Canon’s Roadshow Photo Competition - which was a nice surprise. You can see more from that photo-shoot over here.


Getaway Gallery Entries 2018 - Sossusvlei, Namibia


Sunrise over Sossusvlei

The two dots in the sky are hot-air balloons - pity I was without a long lens at the time to capture them up close - but also wold have meant missing most of the beauty in the sky all around them.

Lone Tree

Another dune photo, but a little later on in the morning. The contrast between dune faces is not quite as intense. A simple composition but I like it.


Shot from the hip on a moving bicycle, I’m pretty happy with how this shot came out - just as imagined - right as a patch of sunlight broke through the clouds.

The Caravan

A group of tourists make their way to Deadvlei by way of a short walk through the dunes which separate the parking area from Deadvlei proper.

One of my portraits on display at the Canon Roadshow in Cape Town - 2018.

One of my portraits on display at the Canon Roadshow in Cape Town - 2018.

I’ve decided to share more photo entries moving forward, irrespective of what happens because I would rather give them a life on my blog than one stashed away on my hard-drive. I might also look into printing some of these from the Getaway Magazine’s competition, among others, as mentioned in a previous post. Any reader feedback would be awesome.

And that’s it. Thanks for reading.
I’m hoping to share more of my competition entries in the future. Until then, cheers!

- Ken