InterNations Cape Town Event - July 2018

Internations July 2018 Winter Meeting - Photos - Ken Treloar Photography-17.jpg

Shooting at this months InterNations event in Cape Town. It was the fourth shoot I've done for them this year, so I thought I would share some of the shots this time round. 

While all the photos of people who attended the event are shared with the member group exclusively, I still get to share images of the venue, staff, and the band with you. If you're not sure what InterNations is all about, scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out an excerpt from their website.

If you would like to hire me for your own event, please get in touch with me and let's chat about how I can be of service to you, or your clients. 

Thanks for reading.

What is InterNations all about?

Imagine you are moving to a foreign country…
You need so much information, you have so many questions – but you’re not sure who to ask. You need to find somewhere to live, open a bank account, set up your internet connection – but you’re still getting used to the local language and culture. And most of all, you want to meet others who understand your situation, who share your interests and hobbies – other global minds, new friends.

What if you could find everything you need in one place?
A place where international people like you meet, connect, and exchange information. A welcoming community of open-minded individuals who share your experiences. A secure space full of useful advice from fellow expats and knowledgeable locals. A world of opportunities to network and find friends who will explore your new surroundings with you - wherever you are in the world. You’ve just found that place. Welcome abroad, welcome to InterNations!