Learning About Long Exposures


A quick post about a half-day Long-Exposure workshop I attended last year. The workshop was super helpful and really quite well done. Short and sweet, and with lots of useful and actionable advice from three talented local Landscape photographers: Kyle Goetsch, Stephen Coetsee, and Tyron van den Berg.

I was taking better long exposure images the very same day, and I’m really glad I decided to attend - well worth the money and time! After our lectures, we played around with some of the demo NiSi filters on the shoreline, and it was actually a lot of fun, shooting in the dying light and salty sea-spray! All in all, I had a good time learning new things about camera settings, equipment, and general long-exposure stuff, and how it all differs from what you would do shooting let’s say… portraits, or your normal day-to-day photography. There’s more to it than meets the eye!

Below are some images from the quick play-around with the filters after the workshop…


Remember, if there’s a genre of photography you really want to learn about, explore, or experience first-hand. There are probably a few experts in that field already, and someone from whom you could learn a thing or two (or a dozen!). So do a little searching online, and see what’s available in the area you’re living in.

I have not regretted a single photography related workshop I have been on. There’s always more you can learn, even when you might think you know it all!

Happy shooting,