Summer Portrait Session - Constantia Valley


A collection of images from this past week’s shoot in the Constantia Valley.

I really love how these images came out. This collection has such a natural look and almost editorial feel to it. Kind of Lifestyle… but also not. A good mix of posed shots and genuine moments. Without a doubt, my sort of photo session and overall I’m really happy with the results.


Cape Town’s weather has been absolutely fantastic. Being a Summer guy myself the long days and shorter nights have been awesome - not to mention a few days of light Summer rain every now and then - which isn’t really typical for this time of year in the Cape.

What does the weather have to do with this shoot?

The mix of warmer weather, brief spells of rain, and lots of sunlight has made all the grasses in most green areas of the suburbs spring up like crazy! Meaning there’s no need to head kilometres outside of the city for some ideal spots to shoot in, with loads of gorgeous tall grasses or super-green meadowy areas! Add some early morning, late afternoon, or midday light (like with this session) and there’s not much more to do other than play with composition and settings to produce a beautiful collection of images.

Ken Treloar Photography - Natural L-ight Editorial Portrait Fashion Photo Session - Cape Town Dec 2018-37.jpg

And that’s it… hope you enjoyed these images.

Thanks for being here,

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