Noon Gun Brewery - Cape Town

Noon Gun Brewery - Cape Town-4.jpg

I had an interesting time capturing the inner-workings of Cape Town-based Noon Gun Brewery & Distillery towards the end of last year. A professional setup to say the least. I’ve been into stacks of breweries, and although Noon Gun hasn’t been around for all that long, I’m impressed with what they have going already. Awesome home-base in Muizenberg, and of course, the beers are great!

Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-4.jpg
Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-15.jpg
Noon Gun Brewery - Cape Town-6.jpg
Noon Gun Brewery - Cape Town-3.jpg
Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-12.jpg
Noon Gun Brewery - Cape Town-15.jpg
Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-3.jpg
Noon Gun Brewery - Cape Town-7.jpg
Noon Gun Brewery - Cape Town-17.jpg
Noon Gun Brewery - Cape Town-14.jpg
Noon Gun Brewery - Cape Town-9.jpg

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