Pet & Owner Portraits on The Beach - Toni & Jasper


I've been running a photo-shoot competition on my website for a few months now (it started in February and will run until January) and although I have had a winner each month, I've only just finished the very first shoot!  You see, there's no time constraint or the cut-off date with my competition shoots - which I think is really nice. And winners get a full-day shoot (or less - it's up to them in the end) and some really awesome shots, all edited, in high resolution and according to your own specifications.

So as mentioned, the past few months I've been organising the best times for winners to fit these shoots into their schedule's. I've simply had to wait a bit - it's been well worth it - and more and more of the shoots dates are coming up; so you'll all get to see more and more of what goes on when/if you win one of these photo-shoots!

Toni & Jasper's Photo-shoot

Not being the one to actually go out and book a shoot, Toni was not only surprised at winning the February Competition's giveaway but also at a loss for ideas about what kind of shoot to do!  After a pleasant meeting at the local coffee shop, we quickly deduced which shoot she would look forward to with photos she could enjoy for years to come. 

Since Toni loved being outdoors, and often with her dog Jasper, it was only natural that we should head outside. Where to go was settled quite quickly, with both the beach and the forest being favourites. So I decided we should shoot both! And thus, a Session #1 and a Session #2 was required... and a few weeks later, when the weather was looking good, that's exactly what we did!


Session #1 - Sunrise on the beach

For Session #1 we decided to head out to the beach at sunrise. Getting there early meant we not only had the beach to ourselves, but the light was also perfect. As we arrived the sky lit up with a beautiful rosy-pink splendour - a good sign that today was going to be as wonderful as we had hoped!

One thing I've had a lot of positive feedback on is that my shoots feel really natural and not very "posed". And this shoot was no different. Toni and Jasper walked along the beach, ran around in the surf, and chilled-out every now and then to take in the fresh sea air and the wonderful view - just as they always do. The only difference was that I was there to capture it all, and I must admit I enjoyed it just as much. I thought to myself, and more than once, that I really need to get out to the beach more - especially at this time of day. 


After a fun 2 or so hours on the beach, all three of headed to another coffee shop nearby for a yummy breakfast and a few delicious coffees. 
Once we'd recharged, off we went to a nearby forest for the next photo session.


Session #2 - A Walk in The Forest

The fresh sea breeze and sand under the pink luminescent sky, was swapped for towering trees and grassy lawns dappled with magical sunshine. And Session #2 was well underway; being a different kind of shoot, but just as relaxed and just as fun.

The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold, and it was still early enough in the day that we pretty much had the forest all to ourselves. 

Which photo-shoot do you prefer?
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