Arderne Gardens in 35mm Film

Arderne gardens Photo-Walk 2018 - Fuji Superior ISO-200 - Minolta X-300s-6.jpg

There were two things I needed to do recently.

  1. One was to go for walk and get some fresh air!

  2. The second was to test an old (but new-to-me) lens which I have to admit I've had for a while... but haven't used yet - it's kind of embarrassing!

Nevertheless, I was excited and relaxed all at the same time. A nice walk outdoors in the suburbs, and in a beautiful park too. I didn't take too many shots, but you see all the ones I did take, and the details, below :)

I enjoyed this lens a lot actually - more than I thought I would. And in my next post, I'll be sharing some shots I snapped with it in the Cederberg. Same camera, same film & lens, but completely different scenery. 

Before you check out the photos below, I just want to add that all these photos are scans of the originals that were developed, without any manipulation except for being resized from the large scans to 1080px on the short side, and my signature tag in the left-hand corner. 

Camera: 1990 Minolta X-300s SLR
Lens: Soligor Dual-Focal 85mm/135mm ...basically a dual-prime.  #oxymoron
Film: 35mm FujiFilm Superior Colour film ISO-200 (36)
Location: Arderne Gardens & Surrounds


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