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Pinterest has been one of the most useful tools during my time as a photographer. I can easily collate and collect ideas, inspirational images, and even some motivation quotes, all in one place. Organised, quick-and-easy, and sharable.

When I need some inspiration for a shoot concept, I head to Pinterest. When I need to refresh on some posing techniques, I head to Pinterest. When I need to share my ideas and inspirational posts with friends, models, clients, and businesses… I head to Pinterest. You get the idea.


You could also choose to create Unsplash collections (such as these) which are also a great way to organise your photographic ideas (as photographer or as the model) but I find Pinterest a lot quicker and easier to use, and all the boards (effectively your collections) are all in once place. Plus, the Pinterest images often link right back to the source article, blog, or website - so you can surf right up to where there’s any info you might be looking for. It’s not efficient like Google… but it’s a lot more fun. Sort of like a visual treasure hunt.

You can find me and my boards on Pinterest here…
Stop past and be inspired for your next photo-shoot!

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