Staff Portraits - Augustine Medical, Cape Town

Augustine Medical is the official distributor of all 3M™ healthcare products within Southern Africa. And having been in the game for more than 2 decades, they have weathered many a storm in the healthcare climate, acquiring both the knowledge and practical expertise to not only offer useful products, but value-added services, to various clients and their companies, enabling businesses within the medical industry to focus on what is really matters – saving lives.

From my side, I really enjoyed this shoot at their offices in Westlake, Cape Town. The staff members are all really friendly and professional too, and the office space modern and welcoming. I was also pleasantly surprised to find they had some doggies in the office that day! They were so super cute and I just had to grab a few pictures of them too! 

Although the inside space was fairly well-lit and had plenty windows for me to use in terms of natural light for the shoot, the weather raging outside was pretty gloomy and the rainy overcast day (while it casts a nice type of light when outdoors) wasn't bright enough to illuminate the inside space as much as I had hoped it would. However, with a little tinkering with my portable light, and by shooting in a space where there were a few sky-lights, I think the photographs came out okay - what do you think?


Thanks for reading,
Ken Treloar