Landscape Photography - Jonkershoek Panorama Route

Jonkershoek Hiking Trail, Stellenbosch, South Africa - photo by Ken Treloar Photography 2018-15.jpg

I'm kicking myself. Why? Because why oh why oh why... haven’t I visited Jonkershoek before!? What a magical place - I felt like I was in another country, a faraway land, almost all of the time - yet only a few km’s outside of Stellenbosch! 

I've seen the photos, heard all about the scenery from overzealous trail runners, and the old-timer hikers have always nodded their heads filled with memories of first-hand experiences. And generally, I get a lot of approval every time I mention I would like to check out this beauty of an area lying not-too-far from the Mother City. So when a friend mentioned they were headed out that way I just had to go along! 

The day was spent in two ways... 1) ogling the mountains and the clouds, and the proteas and the birdlife, and the waterfalls, and, and, and.... 2) Traversing lots of "stairs" and "steps" as the terrain is often going up or down in pretty severe gradients. So there wasn't too much time for photo-taking, and that wasn't the mission anyway, as we were there to hike and enjoy doing just that. 

However, I must admit, I did take my tripod, and most of my travel photography kit, and duly treated the experience as a "test hike" of sorts where I scouted out some interesting spots to come back to and where I could really get stuck into searching for epic compositions, and sit around for that perfect moment when the clouds, sunlight, and stars all align in a way which helps to create those dreamy pictures we love to see and gawk at in magazines. I mean, it really is that beautiful out there. So definitely, definitely planning on heading that way again soon. 

On this occasion, we hiked along the very scenic Panorama Route, which I must say was spectacular. If you would like to find out more about the Jonkershoek Reserve, as well as download a brochure and handy Map of the hiking trails, you can do so via the official Jonkershoek Cape Nature link.

All in all, a day very well spent, with a really good bunch of people. Hey, and a few nice images snapped along the way.

Here are some of my shots from the hike, below.  Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed capturing them on the trails.

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You can find out more about hiking at Jonkershoek by visiting the The Mountain Club of South Africa - Stellenbosch website.

The Stellenbosch section of the MCSA is right at the base of the Jonkershoek mountain range and is one of 14 sections that make up the MCSA in South Africa.

Various mountain activities are hosted by the club, ranging from family-friendly hikes and traditional hikes, to kloofing, abseiling and rock climbing - just to mention a few!