Landscape Photography - Misty Cliffs Sunset


With my new tripod in hand, I decided to head to Musty Cliffs to take in the sunset with my camera, and a good cup of coffee. This Sunday’s sunset was a fantastic end to a tough week and was just what the doctor ordered to rekindle my spirits and recharge me for the week ahead. 

Misty Cliffs Sunset - South Africa - by Ken Treloar Photography-9.jpg

Why Misty Cliffs? Well., I've always wanted to actually stop here instead of drive past. And there was this big old rock on the beach I've always wanted to photograph. Turns out stopping at the beach was as wonderful as I had imaged, but the rock not so much. What looked like could make for an interesting composition, just wasn't, or I wasn't in the right frame of mind... so I landed up shooting some seaweed, the sand, and then mostly the horizon (boring, I know... but I like the photos, so they're getting a feature). 


The sunset was due to happen and fizzle out quite quickly, but to our astonishment, the light show went on for quite some time. So I had a lot of fun using the new tripod in the blustery seaside wind, and playing around with my settings as best I could to try my hand at some long[ish] exposures.

I liked this shoot. It was really nice to be outside and away from the desk again. And free from rushing from meeting to meeting, and from shoot location to shoot location. Don't get me wrong, I love all my shoots - I just don't like the traffic or the rushing part! ;) Sure I'm not the only one...

Anyway, I hope you like these images. Let me know which are your favourites. Stay tuned for more of this kind of thing. I think I'll be doing this more often :)

Thanks for being here,