On Assignment - The Passion of a Wine Tour Guide

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I've been finding myself in Franschhoek various wine estates, more and more as of late. I've also met with a few travellers who have skipped Cape Town altogether, and after landing at the airport have simply left for their Franschhoek adventure, and heading straight back to the airport afterward. Frankly, this is mind-boggling for me. Cape Town & its immediate surroundings has soooo much to offer.  Yet some travellers have been deciding to skip it all and settle on Franschhoek alone. Not Stellenbosch, Paarl, or any of the other excellent wine regions one could choose from. Just Franschhoek. That's it.

Time available for travel is, understandably, a major factor. And with so much to see, not only in the Cape but also much of South Africa, many families and couples traveling to the republic simply have to juggle between the scenery of a Mpumalanga Safari, the Cape Winelands, the East Coast Midlands, or the like. It's a tough task. It's really really tough. 

However, I believe there's something more than just the time constraint, or the analysis-paralysis, or even the wine lover's hype (rightly so) that surrounds the Franschhoek Valley as a travel destination. It's often overlooked, and the people undervalued.

This has undoubtedly got to be the passion of the guides. The Wine-loving, people-pleasing, prompt and professional, friendly and outgoing travel guides who eat breathe and live the wine experience in and around the Winelands and are filled with as much character as the wines they so love to present at elegant each estate and tasting room. 


So there it is.
My short tribute to wine guides and their impassioned way of doing things. 

Thanks for reading,

Wine Estate: La Bri Estate
Travel Company: Bike & Saddle
Location: Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa