Tripel the Fun: Meet Drifter's Ocean-Aged Beauty

Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-6.jpg

Cape Town-based Drifter Brewing Company launched the second edition of their unique (and also tasty) barnacle-encrusted Ocean Aged Belgian Tripel beauty. A fun event organised by the characterful Drifter crew and held at the very apt Two Oceans Aquarium who did a sterling job of hosting the awesome turn-out of local beer fans and fanatics. Scroll down for the images and Drifters Promo-video explaining it all in true Drifter Brewing Company style.

Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-4.jpg
Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-15.jpg
Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-10.jpg
Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-12.jpg
Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-1.jpg
Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-3.jpg
Drifter-Brewing-Ocean-Aged-Triple-2018-Ken Treloar-14.jpg