Black-and-white Film Photography with Twins Kyle and Troy

Great photo session with Kyle & Troy, twin brothers and two new faces for 20 Model Management - a model agency based in Cape Town.

Models: Kyle & Troy
Location: Llandudno, Cape Town
Camera: Pentax K-1000
Film Stock: Ilford FP4 Plus ISO-125

Parent Agency: 20 Model Management

Model image by Ken Treloar_35mmFilm_Scan_ISO-125_Ilford-FP4-plus-2.jpg
Model image by Ken Treloar_35mmFilm_Scan_ISO-125_Ilford-FP4-plus-4.jpg
Model image by Ken Treloar_35mmFilm_Scan_ISO-125_Ilford-FP4-plus-8.jpg
Model image by Ken Treloar_35mmFilm_Scan_ISO-125_Ilford-FP4-plus-3.jpg

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