Working with Colours & Patterns (New Unsplash Images)

The Red, Blue, Orange

While visiting The Bandwidth Barn work-space in Khayelitsha this past week, I noticed beautiful patterns strewn across the floor. The light was coming in through the windows, and projecting wonderful lines, shadows, and colours onto the concrete. So I thought I would share them with you too. It took little more than a mere10-seconds, and I had my shots.
Just like like that. And I love these images.

The 'Unsplash' Part

If you like these images... head on over to my Unsplash page where you can download them (and many others) for free and use them for anything from desktop & smartphone wallpapers to social media, design, and marketing stock. 

Hey, if you really like an image, why not print it out and hang it on the wall or make your own calendar?  Here's that link again:

A Quick Head's Up

So, I've been fairly active on Unsplash for about 9-months now... and It's been a really interesting journey.  I've uploaded a huge variety of images for anyone to use and enjoy, and while the notion of giving out my work for free feels a little weird (especially since photography is part of my livelihood) I can see how it sort of works in the long run.

I'm not going to get stuck into the discussion of why it's great (or not so great) right now... but I will be writing a meaty blog post on my whole experience (as well as that of others) when I have been on Unsplash for a whole year or more and can actually lay down a legit and helpful opinion on the platform from the seat of a lengthy experience. 

I will also share my most popular (and unpopular) images, and why often what we think is a beautiful image is not, and how sometimes those ugly shots are often pretty awesome. I know I'm getting ahead of myself by about 3-months - but stay tuned and look out for that post because I'm absolutely sure you're going to enjoy it and find it really useful.  Included will be info on how you can get the most out of Unsplash and it's seriously cool community of contributors, whether you are a photographer or not. 

Thanks for reading,