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Welcome to the first blog post of 2019! A quick one, but the first one nonetheless.

Looking back on my photography in 2018 (and I think I will be doing quite a bit of this) there are a few peculiarities that come to mind. One of those has been the Unsplash phenomenon. I haven’t written the post on my complete Unsplash experience thus far, as I said I would [in this short post] but it’s on the cards for this year :)

Anyway, that being said, I’ve realised (perhaps for the umpteenth time) that the images I am almost certain wont do well or grab any attention, have often done just that. And several of those have been images I’ve posted of signs, sign-posts, and so forth. It’s pretty awesome really, because I liked those images to start off with , and I guess the whole exercise of posting them to Unsplash has been to see “what happens” - a little experiment if you will - and if others can ind them either enjoyable or at least useful in some way.

Many of the signs I’ve photographed no longer exist - like this one taken at Boulder’s Beach, Simonstown.

Many of the signs I’ve photographed no longer exist - like this one taken at Boulder’s Beach, Simonstown.


How many signs, symbols, and omens do we see each day that are but fleeting? Here for a time, and then gone forever. “You snooze you lose” says the Universe.

I guess that’s one of the special things I love about photography. As photographers, we are wielding a powerful tool that captures moments that are but fractions of existence within the greater scheme of time itself. It’s wonderful, and it’s fantastic. Of course I’m talking more about actual moments, emotions, and the atmosphere of a certain setting or location… rather than images of sign-posts.

However, these images serve as simple reminders to me nonetheless. Simple in their make-up, profound (at least to me) in their meaning. Below are some of these images. Clicking on each will take you through to the Unsplash page where you can download that image for free. Please consider sharing and thanking via Twitter or Facebook once you see the prompt from Unsplash.

With some of these images having received more than 2-million views on Unsplash, and over 22’000 downloads each, you might just see some of them on the internet somewhere somehow. Maybe you have already? Let me know! I’d love to konw where some of these have ended up.

Thanks for reading,